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Iv been working on this for a long time. thees are a few games iv made over time and i glad to share them with you i hope you enjoy! :) there not wonderful games but there deffiiutly fun



lol...when you start a game then quit to main menu and then start another the previous game keep going by itself.....

ah man

i whould give you a better score but the "maine menu" froze on me =D, that was horrbile all around , gah. my advice whould be to click start, turn off computer, then go cry in the corner, i gave you a 10 in the laughs depo, the bugs made me laugh =D

caboos1 responds:

do you get a kick out of being a asshole

that stunk

That was horrible. Terrible spelling, Overlapping text.

caboos1 responds:

it was suposed to be over laping. it was telling you that mode is unavalibul. retard


5 things

there are loads of bugs

u can't spell

the menu is confusing

i hate it

do better next time

caboos1 responds:

its funny that each indevigual game got great reviews and all together they got bad reviews. lol . O i almost forgot...FUCK YOU. have a nice day :)

Pretty Awful, Sorry


The sound in the Tetris game was pretty good, I guess, and so were the graphics.


The main menu is terrible, you spelt ppretty all of the words wrong in this, tehre are no instructions, the 'water pipes' game makes no sense, in the Tetris, there is a big thing blocking the middle of the playing screen, the pices go very fast and the screen is small, and it just plain isn't very fun to play. Sorry, but you need to do better than this.


caboos1 responds:

thx for giving an actul sugestions insted of just making fun of me .you got the number 1 reviewr today.thx ps in case that made no sence i ment thx for the review.

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2.03 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2006
2:11 PM EDT
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