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Noobscape 4

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Hurray a day later and I'm back with Noobscape four less time okaystoryline. This time making fun of Zezima as well as the Runescape Massacre that was the cause of construction. Good Job Jagex looks like construction could rip the armor off ur back. lol enjoy



what was the Falador massacre? why was i not informed?

Not your best work...

Zezima had nothing to do with the Falador massacre. You can make fun of the Falador massacre, and you can make fun of Zezima, but don't try to combine things. It's not an order, just a suggestion. Ooooh, Shanethefox sounds a little jealous of Zezima so he has to make shit up about him? Real pathetic.


I bet he'd deathly love to have that power. I actually feel sorry or Zezima, considering he can never do anything without half the players in that world following him around asking for stuff. Funny thing is, I've played for 3 years and never saw him lol.

Could use some work

It was just pretty much about some girl calling Zezima a noob..The only point is don't call Zezima a noob.. Add some more man it needs more work.. he throws something and rips the girls head off..Which can't happen on RuneScape..

just gettin guy below me off

like i said just gettin this moron off the front. havent even watched it yet

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2.30 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2006
10:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody