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Noobscape 4

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Author Comments

Hurray a day later and I'm back with Noobscape four less time okaystoryline. This time making fun of Zezima as well as the Runescape Massacre that was the cause of construction. Good Job Jagex looks like construction could rip the armor off ur back. lol enjoy



It was alright, graphics need work..and if they never played runescape; they would never get this..make a cartoon about my rs character guywithair2 0.0

Seriously, these aren't funny so stop making them

Ok, after about seeing about two of these pathetic animations, I've come to the conclusion that you need to take way more time on your flashes. You been putting these out way too quickly, graphics bite, and they are too short. If you're gonna bash Jagex, do a good job for the love of god. Really, don't bother. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Don't. UNLESS YOU PUT MORE TIME INTO THEM!!!!

buckyboy4 responds:

After watching two of ur great cartoons I found myself in a state of....WAIT you dont have any cartoons cause ur busy jerking off and being alone to use ur own tears as lubercant GET A LIFE Cock block

Spend more time on them

You submitted #3 yesterday, and #4 is already out...so you expect this.
The graphics were very very bad, like I said on my earlier review, spend some time on them, look for tutorials, anything...
When Zezimia was "walking" he was sliding, you gotta animate the walking. Make a movie clip of him walking, and then tween him across the floor.
The text that said "look Jagex doesnt let you type your password see ****" was hilarious because I remember when people said that.

On #5(if you're going to make it, which I think you will), spend more time on it; spend more time on the graphics, the animation, everything.
It'll take longer, but trust me it will be much better.


buckyboy4 responds:

Yes I am gonna make another 5 but not this week cause I gotta head to Ottawa then Montreal. In time after just logging on to Runescape I've gotten another idea one of the worst things to happen to runescape since they became and actual online game. After that you can see what I'll be doing next.


By the sound of it (The date: 2006) and the way you made the movie... it sounds like you joined with the big croud of newbs that made the game no fun... A while after DeviousMUD was over, tward the middle/near end of Runescape "Classic". I suggest you make a movie about how you, and your little bronze half helm/iron scimmy friends ruined Runescape.

buckyboy4 responds:

Actually I'm wearing full ghost right now. I have a d baxe as well as 4 mill. HAHAHA whose the noob. Check my stats The_Buck4

Not the best episode...

^^Good Points^^
I like this series, and I liked RS when I played it, so I am kind of partial to it. I liked the music the best, it set the mood, and some of the texts were funny, even though that stuff happens everytime Zezima is spotted.

^^Needs Improving^^
The graphics are really bad in this movie, seriously, I think they just keep getting worse. Just spend some more time on the graphics...you are submitting these way too often, and it shows.

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Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2006
10:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody