Noobscape 4

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Hurray a day later and I'm back with Noobscape four less time okaystoryline. This time making fun of Zezima as well as the Runescape Massacre that was the cause of construction. Good Job Jagex looks like construction could rip the armor off ur back. lol enjoy



The last guys' post should be deleted, totaly inaproprate! I love runescape and this was still hilarious! I really love the series. I still have a life 2, I mean come on, that is like the worst steriotype I've ever seen! I probably get much better grades too lol.

its sad..

How everyone runescape fan is being their lifeless shit self and saying your flash sucks, and telling the obvious about 06/6/6, no, i've never played runescape. Nor do I intend to. ITS A FUCKING GAME YOU RETARDS, NOT REAL LIFE!... a crappy one at that, there are much better games like WoW and FlyFF yet you sit there all day with crappy assed graphics wasteing your life.


I really dought it.. And I'm sick and tired of people making fun of me on theas stupid sites. Yes i am zezima... And no i do not shear my account with my sister, i never did if you all think that your dumb as hell..

Bucky this isnt to you.. i know you have sarcasm

..... On the day of 666 a player named cursedyou threw a party for 1st to 99 construction there was a major bug and alot of mods were in there they told cursedyou to leave it so it kicked them all.. unfortunately that was a huge mistake the mods were morons and the bug was able to work outside so started the massacre.. another man lvl 116 named durial321 killed many many people Jagex mods were macroing "bank your valuables bank your valuables!!!" "dont incourage him!!!!!" "telly!!" you could hear no one but mods macroing after killing many people the mods finaly banned durial these horrible events happened on the day 6/6/06 aka 666 day of the devil no durial did not plan on making it happen on that day... it just.. happened... day of the devil pure massacre... and durial isnt some satan worshipper hes just a normal runescape player who had the powers of a god for a few hours.. you would do the same thing he did..

how do i know all this? Simple..

I am durial.

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To the guy 2 below me.

1. You are a n00b
2. Zezima's a girl
3. You cannot kill zezima with full rune you penis.
4. You cannot kill people in lumbrige.
5. If you killed all those people others wont hate you. They'res over 100k people playing each day. So nobody would give a shit about your nooby going on's.

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Jul 4, 2006
10:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody