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Cowboys and Chinamen

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Author Comments

This is a story that is punctuated by a series of minigames. It follows the main character on the hunt for a no-good villain.

Alot of people are having a hard time with the door code (btw its random every time). Heres a tip, only change one number at a time... good luck!

The game is meant to be taken lightly, I hope you can get a laugh out of it.

Enjoy :)
(N.B. Each minigame has a unique win and lose cinematic so if you want to see the complete thing I suggest you intentionally lose each game at least once)


pretty good

ok i loved your game and the faq that it was based on minigames of pokemon stadium (only ones) i didn´t like the sound much but the overall average was good, and one more thing this goes directly to the ones who found this submission racist:
the faq of the rats and the teriyaki is really true i saw a chinese guy cooking a rat, and i have images(if you want them tell me)and another thing is that only gus who want to bother persons who even didn´t want to offend other types of ppl that´s all thank you.

Chinese man in the desert?

Ok Game. Very funny also! Just make it a little bit longer.

What would have been a great game w/o racism

Ok, I liked the game if it wasn't for all the stupid, racist Chinese comments. First off, can the whole world just shut up about Chinese restaurants serving cat, dog, or rat. It's absolute nonsense that started in the 1920's when Chinese food started to become popular and people were completely ignorant about it so they just made it up--it has no basis in reality. Also, the only people that wear those hats are people working in the rice paddies so that the sun stays out of their face and eyes, so gang henchman and most certainly a gang leader would never be wearing one. The Mi Tu Fat joke is just played out, it's stupid, I'm sorry--even before I knew anything about China I just never thought it was funny. It's just another example of a ridiculous 'English is superior' idea that people get to make fun of other languages---and it's been done a million times over. Great game with some ignorant crap sprinkled over it. The only thing I'll let slide is the chinaman reference which was actually used in those days, but on the other hand making a game set in the 30's called police vs. niggas probably would receive some public outcry wouldn't it. I'm just sick of all the ignorance people have about Asia as a whole, read a book, watch a documentary, travel, expand your horizons a bit. narrow-minded, ignorant monolingual, monocultural twits.


amazingly great game ! the graphics aren't sooo really good, but they're not bad and it's imaginative.

Great Game Hampered By Theme

This game disappointed me. Don't get me wrong it was incredibly fun to play... If it wasn't so close to being great I wouldn't care. But the Chinese stuff was just silly.

Cowboys fighting Chinamen is an amusing theme to start with...what made it bad was the played out jokes about eating rat, etc. These jokes are racist, but that's not what bothers me. I'm not easily offended, and I seriously doubt the author of this game actually harbors any racist sentiments. It's mostly that these jokes are dumb. So why put them in? If you're going to make a racist joke, it better be funny. Everybody loves a funny racist joke. But these were pointless, and I don't see how they served the story.

Almost great.

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Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2006
5:47 AM EDT
Skill - Other