Cowboys and Chinamen

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This is a story that is punctuated by a series of minigames. It follows the main character on the hunt for a no-good villain.

Alot of people are having a hard time with the door code (btw its random every time). Heres a tip, only change one number at a time... good luck!

The game is meant to be taken lightly, I hope you can get a laugh out of it.

Enjoy :)
(N.B. Each minigame has a unique win and lose cinematic so if you want to see the complete thing I suggest you intentionally lose each game at least once)


Thats awsoume!!! Cool

I liked all the mini games, kept me hooked to the end. It had plenty of humor and everything. Nah it's great. Anyway... Keep up the good work!


I loved the cowboys and chinamen one and now i love this one. i like ur little bit on movies with interactive minigames

Suprisingly entertaining game w/ a small file size

The game is packed w/ tons of fun for just an extremely quick load of just 800+kb. That's cool. Funny short cutscenes inbetween minigames were what really made this collection special though. Funny, fun, fantastic.

Wut the hell is the CODE!!!!



Well, that was rather refreshing. I don't understand why you're all so confused by the code? You just have to try it. Tip - the first two numbers are 12. Unless he made some kind of code randomizer. And, to those of you complaining about racism - There were quite a few Chinese gangs in the old American west. Chinese immigrants came to the Western US and build the railroads. The Chinese were the one people who put the most work into the railroads. However, after the railroads were done, many Chinamen began to trade in Opium, and were eventually targeted by bounty hunters, so this DOES have a minor historical basis. The only things blatantly racist were the peasants' hats, the name (Mi Tu Fat? Clever, but not too much) and the - well, I guess that's the only two racist things. I liked the style, so I gave it a 9. The graphics were unique, so I gave it an 8 (you do seem to take a little bit of inspiration from Krinkles' Madness series). The sound was good, but as a few people have mentioned, alot of it was nabbed from other games. The violence was acceptable. It wasn't too extreme (ala God of War), or too kiddified. In loved the interactivity. I don't think I've seen a collection of minigames this good in quite a while, so I gave it a 10. The humour was alright, so I gave it a 7. Overall, you earned an 8. Good job. I really enjoyed it.

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Jul 4, 2006
5:47 AM EDT
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