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Brazil is out of the World Cup 2006 after suffering a bending blow by 1998 champions - France. Pele's football breathing nation is blaming one person for his substandard performance - Fat little Ronaldo... the pudgy, gap-toothed soccer-rer who wears the magic number 9. In this hilarious game, brought to you by 2DPlay, Ronaldo runs across the field, huffing and puffing while kicking the football with Argentinian captain Crespo hot on his studs. Keep Ronaldo away from the burgers and milkshakes as they will slow him down. Collect the golden shoe to give him a speed boost. The end goal of this game is to make Ronaldo run (the one thing he was not doing while he was on the field!) and get to the ball before Crespo does! All in good humor, we love Brazil really. Run Ronaldo, Run!



LOL, great game!
yeah Ronaldo is FAT and SLOW...but on the same time he is the player witch makes more goals in a world cup!

"hermanitos argentinos...non choren... un dia quen sabe voces consigam ganhar tantas copas como nos!!"

Crespo is not the Captain!!!

OK, I think the game is hilarious (and shows that OUR Argentinian players are not like the fat idiots from Brazil's team). Yea, I'M FROM ARGENTINA. I KNOW SPANISH. SORIN (number 3) IS THE CAPTAIN, NOT CRESPO. Anyways, good game!!! Crespo is actually number 9, just as Ronaldo, so I think that's why you put him like that. Please respond to this -- I would appreciate that.


i liked it but god it was hard, btw if the music was unbelievably brillaint im sorry i gave it a 5, speakers arent working atm so... ;D

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Forget Beckham....Ronaldo's your man.

This is a fun but suprizingly difficult game to play.
You soon find out that if you miss one ball, you're toasted. Eat too much junk food and your opponent steams right by you. You need to get every golden shoe or you won't make it to the end of the game.
What I want to know from anyone is how do you get the "shoes" and avoid the burgers when they are stacked one on top of the other. Also when you are in the air avoiding a drink, there is no way to avoid the burger on the way down.
This game would be great if it had additonal levels, was longer and had some sort of "power ups".
If the game was in several levels as you advance Ronaldo could become more svelt and toned and become progressively better looking. It'd be fantastic if by the time you finish the last level of say five, that he morphs into a David Beckham look alike or better.
Also, if you were going to go with the scoring as a way to increase his "outer beauty" for each error he could slid back a notch or two so that if you were really doing poorly he would begin to slide back to his obese, slovenly self.

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Jul 4, 2006
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