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Run Ronaldo Run

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Brazil is out of the World Cup 2006 after suffering a bending blow by 1998 champions - France. Pele's football breathing nation is blaming one person for his substandard performance - Fat little Ronaldo... the pudgy, gap-toothed soccer-rer who wears the magic number 9. In this hilarious game, brought to you by 2DPlay, Ronaldo runs across the field, huffing and puffing while kicking the football with Argentinian captain Crespo hot on his studs. Keep Ronaldo away from the burgers and milkshakes as they will slow him down. Collect the golden shoe to give him a speed boost. The end goal of this game is to make Ronaldo run (the one thing he was not doing while he was on the field!) and get to the ball before Crespo does! All in good humor, we love Brazil really. Run Ronaldo, Run!



ronaldo it's better of crespo?I think no


Woah! Longest pitch ever!

great work

i hope you can entertain our viewers like that next time plz


That's a loooong pitch.


This was a pretty boring game... but anyway I just wanted to say that I'm brazilian and I don't know a single person who's blaming Ronaldo for our loss (though he indeed became a fat ass who can barely run). Our coach "Parreira" was just worried about cashing his check and simply didn't give a shit about his team or the World Cup for that matter - during the games he barely said a word and just watched our poorly oranized team have trouble game after game - I'm surprised we even made that far. It's also funny how he left Cafu and Roberto Carlos in the field almost all the time considering they're just a couple of old farts nowadays who can barely run and left Ronaldinho (not Ronaldo) with three guys on him every game. Robinho and Cicinho, two of our best players, were left sitting on the bench almost all the time. Needless to say, Ronaldo was actually one of our smallest problems (he scored a few great goals, by the way) and I'd be a lot happier with a game about killing Parreira or something like that.

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Jul 4, 2006
3:46 AM EDT
Sports - Soccer