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well, seem to me that stick figures are dieing in popularity, and as seeing that i am a stick figure animator (although not good as the rest lol), i would submit something! but then, i made this about 1 year ago, so its not much new. i don't think i posted this one yet, so im doing so now. well hope it doesn't get blammed (fingers crossed haha), my 3rd work submitted to newgrounds.

update: hmmm, hey, it got some ok reviews. i have fightshort 2 making now, i estimate that it would be about 1 min long still. i don't have enough patients to make long movies. so yea.



yes thats a short one . try to create more intresting fights and change music if you can.

i love this movie


Pretty Good, Actually


The sound was pretty good in this flash, and the graphics and style weren't bad, either. There was some violence, too (which may or may not be a good thing :).


It was kind of short, and, this has been happening (I think) the past few submissions I've viewed, my computer has been chugging while watching it... odd...


Not too shabby

Too short. Otherwise it was pretty good. Smooth animation, sound was meh, but not bad. Just needs to be longer. And more violent.

Nice, some mistakes but nobody is perfect

I suggest using the full stickmans body... when running their arms should pump...

Aside from a few minor errors I feel it's a bit too short... I suggest a sequel where the black stick and the white stick get into a huge fight.

That's just this ones oppinion, nice work and keep refining your animation style.

Also, sticks can beat anything... it just takes skill.

RainingBullets responds:

yea i know, also some of the attacks looks unnatural. i'll make a sequel, if i get my lazy ass to work on another one lol. im thinking of making another one, this time with weapons

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2.08 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2006
1:35 AM EDT
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