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Author Comments

1/14/07: A sequel is coming...

------------------------- -------
UPDATE: A lot of you are getting confused about the hand part. Some of you get it right and enter it perfectly, but nothing happens. Here's what to do:
When you click the grey scribliness, don't just tap it lightly. Hold down the mouse button for at least half a second. Good day!
6 minutes of cinematics! 10800 frames! 30 fps!
1. I am NOT an actionscripter. don't SAY I am. I'd like to give a TREMENDOUS thanks to the AS: Main Forum on the BBS, who's actionscript I mostly used (Don't worry, I didn't just copied it, infact I did learn a little actionscript myself;) And a special thanks to Sugggames from Ngcollabs who helped me with the Tab key script. Once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS.
2. I want you to be able to see more of what I put into this animation, so i'm going to give a little walkthrough of the first level. This is also a special treat for people that actually read the author's comments ;) When you start, click on the clock to get the stream of light. Then when it says mouse hidden, move your invisible cursor to the mirror, and drag it into the end of the light stream. Then click the code panel on the bottom right, the code is pretty easy to find, it's written on the walls somewhere :)
3. Probably nobody will read this far in the author's comments, but I just want everyone to know how MUCH i put into this game. I worked on it for 2 and a half months, made the music, and with my very little knowledge of actionscript you can see how hard it would be. I tested this game so much i am now officially sick of it, so please be helpful in your reviews, that's all i ask ;)


Best p'n'c game I've played in a very long time.

This game is shit hot! I was so impressed...really original take on the genre. Old school enough to be played intuitively, but great innovations. Can't wait for more.
Only possible downside? Totally made me wish I had a vibrating skull in my crotch :oP

notorious responds:

Rofl totally weird comment at the end there but I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the good review! I won't keep you waiting for long ;) At least i hope not.


I must say!!! WOW i could never make something like this!!!! amazing!!!! just.... wow!!! I really hope you make more!!! I really really really hope you do... more like this though!!! i mean i hate games that are all like got to do it before time runs out just because i cant get up and go pee in the middle of those games and the result in that is very bed... if you know what i mean? anyways great game.... i loved the hand part... but i had to cheat and read a review that told me how to do it... lol shhhhhhh dont tell anyone... and the graphics where pretty good.... they where a bit ruff but it didnt bother me at all compared to how it all played out!! i thought everything fit very well togeather... it was like a real game that you would but... i dont know why but it reminded me of silent hill with all the like comintary and then puzzle.. all except the whole fighting thing in silent hill which always scared me anyways... I loved how the 1st puzzle was all put togeather... it wasnt too difficult to solve... but i liked how it was layed out...oh did the lamp have anything to do with the room? just wondering? anyways i thought it was great... if you didnt get that all ready... the music was very well fit.. and added a bit of tension you know... the story kinda reminded me of the cube if you have ever seen that movie... its a must see!! also the bush puzzle was pretty cool too... omg the whole thing was great! what am i saying... if only i could do something half ways decent like that... all my flashes are pretty redundent... i have trouble getting decent scores... but you deserve like 1st place or something for this... at least like front page! keep it up... and make more!! your fans want more!!! lol im book marking you and placing you on my fav list... you get 11 out of 10!!

notorious responds:

Oh my god you don't know how amazing it feels to have one of your favorite authors give you such a good review. I've only had it happen once in the past, but this is way better! Anyways to the review, I'm REALLY glad you liked it (you being an awexome animator as well of course) I'm working on one right now where i'm actually putting a lot more effort into it, such as drawing part of the animations first on paper then scanning them in and tracing them on flash, look out for that one. And the lamp doesn't have anything to do with the room, it's just another thing to make there be a bit more of options. I'm going to have to see the cube now of course too, and you're animations really aren't that redundant infact i love your animations and the style is really cool, and even if they WERE redundant it would still be a cool kind of redundant, not like some really bad running series because you actually put time and effort into animating. And well see the thing about the front page, after 30 animations in the portal i am STILL waiting for front page and haven't gotten it yet. I'm hoping the next animation i do might be good enough to get there! Again I think it's REALLY awexome that you like my animation and i'm glad to have another fan (especially one that does what I do) And now after more than 1,300 words I say what I always say which is Thank You for the good review!

Nice game

Cool game lol. Even if i didnt understand the story

notorious responds:

Thanks for the good review!


i got the hand to stick the middle finger up

notorious responds:

LOL good job.


This game was one of the most assome thing i've ever see..though I sucked at Lvl 3..anyways great S.H.I.T(somthing having impressive things)

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notorious responds:

yes tru dat thx for the good review

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Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
8:14 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click