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This is a trailer to a science fiction story i am working on. I know it needs sound effects and more. But, this is only a test to see if people like it and would like to see more based off of this idea. It may resemble something you have seen or read before......but please keep that to yourself :) Thanks

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Epic Sci-fi cartoon. Savior should have teleported Venus, and Mars for more worlds in case of terraformation. Maybe Gas Giants for recourses also?


Ok lets put this one to the science test ^^, ok so the sun is not going nova in the next 300 years, it would more likely take a little couple of billion year. and now just pure human speculation: Why the hell would people want to investigate a gass giant? oh well, It whas good exept for that, still the story is cool and its Sci-fi: transporting a whole planet W00T!!!!

Some of the best piece of flash ever!

You my good man make me proud! This flash is a MASTERPIECE! I salute you! *Salutes*


Regardless of whether or not the scientific reasons are accurate (there's a reason we call it Science *Fiction*), your artwork was VERY good, and I didn't see many problems with your spelling/grammar. The idea may not be 100% original, but I'd still like to see more of your work!!

It was pretty good.

First off there are sooooo many scientific reasons why that wont work but I didnt include that in my voting. But its seems ok. Keep up the good work.

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3.90 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
6:38 PM EDT