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What started as a simple gradient test grew to become a more complicated gradient test with a plot of some sort. I decided to make a to be continued since it was pretty long already. I hope you like it. (Please add into your review a cuteness rating. ;)


Not bad at all.

The beginning of this flash didn't really catch me, but as i watched on I liked it. You took the time add good Graphics so you recieve a nine. I liked the style you used so you recived a eight, There wasn't much sound except the music in the background so i give you a 5, there was violence but not too much so you get a five, No interactivity so you get a 2, and i didn't see much humor so you get a 3. I liked the effort put into this so you recieve an 8

trekopep responds:

Did you notice the shadow part? When the pikachu dove into the pie, I didn't realize the pie didn't have a shadow until I had already started making it dive, so I decided to make a little joke. Watch it again and pay special attention to the shadows. ;)

Random, but enjoyable.

The beginning at first made it seem like crap, but as I stayed to watched the rest of the beginning, then continued on to watch the whole movie, I loved it!

The graphics..they recieve a nine. The drawings were very good, but they weren't perfect compared to other drawings; no offense.

The Style? A ten. Very random, which raised the style by like 6. The humor also increased it.

The sound..nice song. Where'd ya get it? (six)

Interactivity! None.

Violence! A two.

Humor! A six. The aggrivated dark blob tried to kill the Pikachu, then all of a sudden, a pie saved the Pikachu, whereas then the yellow ball..was under attacked..and the Pikachu saved the blob by throwing at the pie at the Dark Blob. HAH!

Overall Score: A eight.

trekopep responds:

Thanks for my first review. Glad you liked it. My advise would be to rate things like this with at least SOME interactivity. If they have a preloader, I give them a 1. If they have a replay button as well, a two. If they light up when you roll over them or something, 3. But that's your style. Don't change on my account. Be yourself. ;)

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2.92 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
6:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Original