Ninja Golf

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A remake of the most excellent Atari 7800 game that has long been forgotten now: kill animals, face off against evil ninjas, and play a mean game of golf!

Gabe originally heard of this game while reading an article on I-Mockery.com, and it was so badass that we just HAD to remake it. The end result looks pretty good, enjoy the game =P



Not the greatest game by today's standards.

It would probably be a really fun game on the atari, but I personally didn't really like it. I think you could do better.

Peace and war!

Your a ninja enjoying a nice game of golf.Too poor to afford a caddy car,so you hit the ball..and ninjas mice and snakes apper everywere planning to take you down!when you hit the ball THEN THEY STRIKE AGAIN!

Nice game

It was a fun game to play with good controls, very well animated with smooth motion, very good drawings, and a great idea with plenty of effort, diversity and originality. The style was good, different from any golf game I have ever played. Music was very well placed; sounds as well suited the atmosphere of the game. Violent enough for me, you kick enemies and dodge that odd crap mice throw and throw shurikens at them though you don’t usually have to. A boss at the end you have to kill with them, though they don’t end on the boss part. Interactivity was fine, good controls, quality settings at the beginning, an explanation and instructions later, and then you play. Though I would have like more ways to fight the boss, or even a new boss every level would be absolutely great. It was funny by the plot of the ultimate Ninja journey being 9 holes of golf. Since you had a voice actor it would have been nice to make some jokes with that, (check GTA games radio stations for inspiration). I’d say this was original for a flash game, diverse, though it could have used some more elements, another move, or something like that, still plenty fun. Lots of effort put into this game from what I see. Overall fun and easy to play, the one and only recipe to a good game. Good work, keep it up.

Now for suggestions, I’d suggest some fighting combinations with a golf club instead of a sword, a “putter slash”, a “9 iron stab” and things like that. Different clubs for choice, maybe a couple new enemies though I’d say there enough. A new boss for every level, things like that, maybe mini golf like tracks for bonus levels, I understand it’s by no means easy or fast to make and that this made daily feature as it is but it would make it all the better. Hope you find this all helpful and tediously long.

Now for my usual detailed report of all the statistics from the reviewing categories and some more (taken from the audio review categories…):

Graphics: 8, Well drawn and animated, the motion was very good. It moved quickly and smoothly thanks to the quality buttons I’ll expand on later, it looked nice and I liked
playing it for quite a while, think of my “mini golf” suggestion.

Style: 8, A remake of an already good game, made better. An action/sport game, haven’t seen one of those in flash…ever. Quite original ideas for the remake of it. The creators would love to see themselves I’m sure.

Sound: 8, From now on I’m afraid I cannot say much more because of review limits, but the sound was great, beautiful music and terrific sound effects for each movement. Even a voice actor for the written text which made it much better.

Violence: 8, plenty of fighting but the no gore style, even suitable for children because there is no blood. But still keeps the fighting there for adults to have some fun. Though a button to choose to show or hide blood and gore would have been better.

Interactivity: 8, good responsive controls, all the buttons one would neat for pre settings, and in game controls. I couldn’t ask for more and mean it. But I recommend inserting a duck button, as well as good reasons to duck, if you can jump, why can’t you duck ;-)

Humor: 9, It was funny because after all how many games relate ninjas and pro golf. I thought the humor was sticking out in that big twist. Nice work on that. The enemies were a bit funny as well, I still don’t know if that was a mouse, what the hell was that brown stuff he was throwing at me.

Originality: 9, One of the most original flash games I have ever seen, the role of a Shuriken throwing, kicking, jumping ninja playing golf is very original. Same applies with the enemies, natural enemies like fish, mice, frogs, ninjas. Wait….Yeah, frogs is natural.

Diversity: 9, plenty of different terrains to run through including desert, water and grass. Plenty diverse for any gamer looking for a golf game.

Effort: 10, obviously lots of effort went into this, as with any good game. Good work there.

Overall: 9, Fantastic game, glad I had the chance to play it. Keep it up. Full review.

*bows in respect*

I have had the sorrow of missing this worthy game, not being able to find or afford the Atari 7800. But it does my heart good that you have not only brought this title to Newgrounds but also brought the sound appearance, and game play to 21st Century standards.

The only flaw in it is the lack of an option for repeat players to cut through the tutorial and go straight to the game. But aside from that, Puzz-san, you have done yourself and Newgrounds great honor.

Now we would love to see if you can take the challenge of bringing us APB. ;-)

nice work

very good lol i like the intro funny nice work keep it up

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3.82 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
6:00 PM EDT
Sports - Golf