Foamy Confession XVIII

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Foamy rants and confesses about his obsesion with hentai. By hentai I mean chuck norris hentai. What is the fasination with hentai anyways? In my last confession we did deal or no deal for a 3.00 score now you will suffer through hentai hentai and more hentai from chuck norris point of view if you are curious about chuck norris hentai email me!


Chuck Norris hentai?! :L Well that was original, at least. Good voicing and eh... and eh that's all. I think I liked the music videos better but keep it going!


Better than most

While I couldn't see much effort being put into it, at least you were decent and had this one be relatively short. Another thing I liked was that live-action penis that just bounced around everywhere, that was a bit cool. I still think that if you really want to make fun of the series "Neurotically Yours", you should try to come up with your own good work and not just make joke stuff.


poor animation voices overall idea... btw i look forward to you not putting anymore animations out

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They'e bleeding thanks to that irksome animation... get a life much?


FOAMY ROCKS!!!!! Matter of oppinion.... but emos are dumb..... and need to get the balls to just kill themselves and do us all a favor. I'm lookin your way Germaine!!

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Jul 3, 2006
4:41 PM EDT
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