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Fire Fry 1.6!!!

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NEW!!! Fire Fry EX Background Extra Plus Extended Edition (Now with Replay Action)!!!!! (Or, if you prefer the shorthand version, Fire Fry 1.6) (WARNING: SUPER RANDOM)

Yes I know the song is called Feuer Frei by Rammstein, btw.

Transformed into an action/animutation adventure!

Forget everything you knew about Fire Fry 1.0. You heard me, FORGET IT. The age of Fire Fry 1.6 has dawned upon us all. All new backgrounds, all new special effects, all new genre, NEW NEW NEW!!! This flash cartoon has the possibility of changing your perspective of EVERYTHING*. It will peel the skin off your eyeballs :O! Prepare yourself for the intense, fro filled action of Afrofurby™ as you’ve never seen him before; with backgrounds! Acclaimed by the President of the United States** to be the best cartoon in existence, this toon bounds for the title of instant classic. Get ready for sanity erasing action! Contains never before seen footage intended for “dedicated” viewers. This cartoon has REPLAY-ABILITY (hint hint >:D)!

Plot: Afrofurby™ and his good friend Sanchez are just chillin’ out. Then, suddenly, from out of the blue comes Fry from Futurama and he caps dear Sanchez! Depressed, angry, and with an insatiable thirst for violence, Afrofurby™ must now avenge the death of his friend before he loses his sanity!

This is an UberAoC/Ubertoons Production in Association with Smudesworld.com

*- For better of for worse is at the discretion of the viewer to decide.
**- By the President of the United States we mean the creator of this cartoon. This term is to be in no way affiliated with George W. Bush, the current United States President.

Oh, and I don't actually own any intellectual properties here, beside UberAoC stuff. Furby is owned by a toy company.

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amazing song and sorry to be a lyric whore and tell you this even though you've probably heard this hundreds of times over the song is actually "freur frei" and its by a german band named rammstein and "freur frei" in german means fire at will hope this review was helpful also nice video its alot like an acid trip


I don't think I've ever wanted to get high so much in my life. Good job. Climbing the stairs with my face is a good idea. I'll have to try that next time.


You do realize that the song is called "Feuer Frei"


The "Fire Fry" part is yelled by german tanks in a game I play. I always heard it as "Firefly!" ussually followed by mindless screaming from my troops.

the title

Wow, the title is a play on words, fire fry, as in Fry from Futurama you douches.

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3.56 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
4:21 PM EDT