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Goth Lyfe 3: The Lake

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If you haven't seen the first 2 episodes go see them first. **Attention** We realize that real Goths don't act anything like the characters in the show, so there's no need to point it out. This is a work of fiction and we are not trying to offend anyone. I'd like to thank everyone for the positive feedback, I'm still relatively new at flash and I'll try my best to improve the graphics, I've still got a lot to learn...ok well, ENJOY!



This one was way better and that Emo kid was VERY Emo...XD

I still think Scepter kinda sounds very Emo in his voice...and looks it with the hair.

goths r like coke

that was a realy cool ep!!!!!
like goths are like coke and emo's r like diet coke.wait.......diet pepis.lol
keep it up guys

goths are like sumthing.........

cool animations dudes keep up the good work

emos r better

yh emos r better im even growin my hair cus i luv the style but this still roks and diet pepsie tastes better the coke

So true...

In my opinion...EVERYONE"S A CONFORMIST...even goths and emos...they just hate certain kinds of conformists(preps). also emos are cooler than goths

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4.11 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
2:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Original