The Laff Line

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Hey everyone, this isn't a big time thing i've been working on, i just did 4 prank calls and wanted to submit them into newgrounds...i thought they were pretty funny for being my firsts. i dont expect much of this, i just wanted to show fellow newgrounders that i can be a pretty reasonable prank caller. how about YOU tell me what you think?



I didn't want to give it a 1 just because Hans is one of my faves, but MAN! The calls weren't all that great. It just didn't go where it should have. Maybe it's because I'm used to the more famous stars of prank calls, for example the epic Roy D. Mercer. The main reason why I rated so low is the same reason why my ears hurt and it's a little hard to hear right now. The audio was so low that I had to turn the volume of my headphones up really loud and then out of no where you SCREAMED and laughed sooooooo LOUD!!! I had to scramble for the volume button through the whole thing. The audio balance was just way off. Maybe if you try this again in the future, put the audio into an editor and raise the low audio volume and lower the louder parts. I love Hans work, but this was just unbearable for me.

funny but...

it need more! u should find or make up more hilarious prank calls

These we're some funny original prank calls.

I was happy to hear that you made these prank calls by yourself cause they we're hilarous and though there wasn't much animation to it the prank calls we're funny as hell on your part and the person on the other line,great job.

Didn't Laugh once, sorry..

U know, I was expecting something really crazy with this Idiotic voice and shitz, but this was just totally ordinary. I mean, the ideas for the prank calls were good, but u should've made more out of it.

You want me to measure my love handles?

Genius, that was hilarious. Seriously though, who would have man-boobs four feet across. I would feel sad for them. The should go on the Subway diet!

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3.29 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
2:10 PM EDT
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