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The Elder Scrolls: K.C.

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EDIT: 60000 views!! You guys rock!! :D Thanks everyone!!! By the way, the game has changed name, and has additional features. FROM NOW ON, search the portal for "EPICS OF DISTANT REALM" and play that new version :)


Epicscore... Not!

Sorry dude, but this game was pants... It was okay for a bit, but you only ever fight the same schmuck over and over again. One town and no one to converse with... And where were the hundreds of dungeons that that old fool was yacking on about? There were none! Even one would've been better than none, but there's nothiing! Nadda! There's no motivation to playing other than to get a high Epicscore and that to me, is a waste of time.


im a huge fan of ES i just kinda stumbled upon this one day my only issues are reppetitive, i culdt save properly, and lack of variety in town and shops and things to buy and sell, otherwise good game, great game even

Isnt the world called nirn?

im pretty sure tamriel was the continent

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Close, not quite, but close

I like the idea of honoring the Elder Scrolls series with a tribute game. I was intrigued and found it was a decent one. The look of the game is generally in the spirit of ES, making the old player feel more at home. I have to gripe about the monotony of fighting the same creatures and the limited scenarios during travel. Not much story development and little to explore. The sound was pretty good, with the soundtracks coming straight out of the ES series. Can't go wrong there. Tune up the gameplay and the content and it'll be a pretty good flash game.

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eh... it's ok

This game was interesting up until I managed to get enough money to buy the farm. After that I grew tired of fighting the dame monster with the same power, finding meger amounts of gold, having the same 3 potion ingredients, only being able to go into a handle full of buildings, and only having one town to explore. I LOVE the elder scrolls games, This was pretty cool for a bit but if you could just add more to it, it would keep me interested longer than 45 minutes. I liked it but then again I didn't at the same time.

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2006
12:50 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG