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This is a movie I made a while ago, things were kind of different back then and it was way easier for movies to pass. It basically means this animation is definitely overated and wouldn't pass if I resubmitted it today. Have fun lowering the score.


It was entertaining throughout

i enjoyed it.. i watched all of it.. most people will stop watching it cuz it has no sound and you use normal stick figures.. well, anywayz.. i liked it. pretty funny too

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Myst responds:

Wow! Coming from the guy who made StickMess it's pretty cool! I actually think my movie sucked (it was my first one ... as you know) but I'm doing better now ... I did improve my english :P

Do us all a favor...

If your movie sucks this hard, please DON'T submit it to the portal, k? It saves me the time of having to vote 0 on it. Thank you and drive thru.

Myst responds:

I can accept critics but when it comes from someone who never did ANY movie, I generally don't take it. I agree it sucked ... but try to do best at your first time before yelling at the others.

it's different.....

nice work with the sticks....

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Myst responds:

Thanks :)


at its best (when the bird grabbed the grenade) it was mildly amusing.
the rest seamed long and drawn out, the talent it obvously there but needs alot of work.
I wont even coment on the creators grasp of the english language

Myst responds:

Thanks for the review. I only realize it years later but you somehow helped me to change my attitude regarding my work and the other's. This is the smartest review I've seen since a while ;)


that was a long ass fall. nice looking bird tho

Myst responds:

Well ... thanks ... I'm not sure I'd enjoy it myself but I'm glad you liked it :P

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3.46 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2001
11:24 PM EDT