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This is a movie I made a while ago, things were kind of different back then and it was way easier for movies to pass. It basically means this animation is definitely overated and wouldn't pass if I resubmitted it today. Have fun lowering the score.



It was a crapy animation BUT!.... It was funny. I think a flash should be funny and not how good you animste... animating is important tho. I hat those flashes where it brags abaut life and how sad it can get....well those areCRAP i catualy liked this one. :)
god for u:>!

Myst responds:

Well, thanks for the review. If at least it's funny, then I guess it still deserve to stay there. I'm not quite sure I share your opinion on the animating in general, but thanks for sharing anyway. Have a good day sir.


There is one word to describe this moive: lol
I lol-ed at the score.
I lol-ed at the age.
I lol-ed at the size.
I lol-ed at the amount of abusive reviews.
I felt sorry of the poor bastard.

Myst responds:

You didn't even lol at the crappy movie itself ? Thanks for the review anyway ;)


thats way better then anything i can do,il give ya props for that but still...

Myst responds:

It's pretty nice from you, but actually I think it sucked big time hehe. Don't give up with flash buddy, no matter how good people are, it's always 95% of work so just keep it up and you'll eventually get better ;)

Nice try bud!

HEY MAN!!! Dont be discouraged by all the losers out there who would give ya bad scores or whatever. Everybody has to start somwhere right?? I say its prety darn good!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! ^___^ Your skill will come within time.

Myst responds:

Thank you for the nice review, I appreciate it. Actually this movie is four years old, so basically, I should have developped my skills now eh! I plan on doing a "remake" of my flashes, just to make sure I really improved my skills. Thanks anyway ;)

Ok i rated it a lottle low but bare with me

People this is 4 years old! so stop rating 0 sure it's a stick flash but still for it's time it's a bloody good one

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Myst responds:

Thanks for your comprehension, but I got to admit it actually deserves a low score. Anyway, just rate it the way you think it should and with the score you think it deserves ;)

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3.46 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2001
11:24 PM EDT