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Prelude to Badger

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Prelude to Badger

Special thanks to Zekeyspaceylizard for making me do this shit. Warning, may contain loud noises, nudity, obscene language, and badger penis. Since it may contain badger penis, this can be reffered to as hentai.

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seriously y is this even on NG
i cant wait to get a high enough level and delete this shit permenantly
donkey shitting was mediochre but kinda funny

loved this sheeit

i liked the pulp fiction part, that was cool


I liked it, except for the freaky penis part

Oh kay. I just found a reason to love my life

If you think this is funny you must have stopped maturing at like
3 years old. No one wants to see a donkey crap, or a badger run, or a wierd fucked up face scream bloody murder while the screen
flashes. You should be glad your on newgrounds. I know alot of sites who would rip you open and shit in your body cavity for the posts and responses you have given.