Foamy Confession XVI

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Happy birthday dustin I made this for you!! I dont think this is much of a present but its the best i can do for now =D

Foamy desides to steal music from the band keane and make it his own by speeding it up. Foamy decideded to trade his entire hentai collection to buy a piano. Foamy is a bit dissapointed about losing his hentai but he has backups. The only way to help get his hentai back is by going to illwillpress dot com!



Well this one was kind of interesting the artwork was not perfect but it was entertaining enough for me there was some small animation that was interesting.

I would say ad more animation ad more content overall.


Haha, what a birthday present! :D As with the previous one, this was a pretty good track. Foamy looks like he's in a good mood too, good eye movements... though that guitar strumming looks like the same loop again. Also spotlights not reaching the floor? Keep it going!


I just love confessions makes me feel better about myself. If your like me check this confession site out it like runs the world of confessions. i think its called ClearMyGuilt just google it and it will be the first one. people submit anonymous confessions lol. I also wonder if the person that made this is from az? i go to asu!

Not good at all

I'm not sure if this is meant to be an anti-flash. If your argument is that the NY series is bad and doesn't use quality animation, wouldn't you mock it by having quality animation ''yourself''?

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I simply refuse to watch this video. I havent even seen it at all. All i do is play it, make the vid smaller, minimaise it, and just listen to the song

I love Keane with an overwhelming passion. Hearing Toms wonderful voice (however sped up as they maybe) was quite enjoable. Ive never SEEN this video, and i refuse to do so, but i have HEARD it, and i must say, from my ears POV, it was very nice

I hope this was posititve!! This goes in my favs simply becuase i like the song....(im sure the flash was terrible, seeing what it was reating, but hey, from one keane fan to no one else)

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Jul 3, 2006
12:39 AM EDT
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