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MGS: Snakes on a Plane

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this is from like 2006 holy shit

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If you're trying to make it funny, the first thing to do is to make it funny. Could've done a better job

Respond to this, and I'll stab you

I likeade Flash. You're great(Please don't hate me for saying that)


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I liked it.

Well, maybe you didn't intend for it to be so popular, but it had me laughing pretty hard. :D Best way to have something, after all. If it makes people laugh, it's good.

Not to bad

err to cubasi4n the reason Solid Snake looks like Naked Snake (or Big Boss) is because Solid Sanke is a clone of Big Boss because of a project from the 1970's. Ok then I would have liked the flash to be longer it seems like a decent idea- Liquid Big Boss and Solid Snake on a plane. I haven't seen the Snakes on a Plane flick but well still I thought it was a decent idea.