Space Revenge 2

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After my other work, I found I was submitting a bit low-standard. I decided to up my ante, and submit something really good. Hey, I can't really judge my own work, but this is a lot better than my previous submissions. Some intense work has gone into this, adding suggestions from reviews and tweaks to the physics. While again not the most original idea, it shows originality in other ways. I've added different weapons (thanks to a GREAT tutorial) and had a lot of fun providing power-ups that tweak the physics. I hope you all enjoy this!

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Well its better than your first :)

Anyways, it would be useful if you could make everything a bit smaller cause there seems to be still a little less space to move around in without getting hit by an enemy ship.

Also, it would really be nice if you could have a CAMPAIGN and STORYLINE. These would really contribute to this game in making it better...

If you ever need someone to help you write a story/campaign, I can help :)

9/10 5/5


"Welcome to the world of VOILENCE, suicide bombers and merciless OCTAPUSSES"

XD lol. My favorite: "octapusses" !!! :D

that was kewl

that was kewl but the bonus things fell 2 fast and i dont know why but it annoyed me how the bad guys curved upwards. but its still kewl. and the octopus looks like brad HAHAR

this is pretty good

i like it. its better then your other games still needs a thing or to but that was great

btw another Brad from school comment

dontcha love me

This is a good game and very enjoyable

It took me a few goes to work out what to do but then I found it a very enjoyable game so good onyer Chindamo

Not bad

^^Good Points^^
This is a pretty good game. The drawings you used aren't too bad, and I liked the boss...an octopus. The sound was this game's best point, it had good music and good sound effects too.

^^Needs Improving^^
The most important thing this needs is instructions. I spent too much time trying to figure out how to fire. Like you said, the game isn't very original, and the fact that you can rapid fire is kind of lame. I didn't like the parts where aliens came from behind you either. The powerups went away way too quickly.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2006
3:14 AM EDT
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