Goth Lyfe 2: Art Class

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Ok this is the part two of Goth Lyfe. If you haven't seen part 1 (Goth Lyfe 1: Intro), go watch that first to get caught up. In this episode Todd and his new friend Scepter go to Art Class, Todd is still deciding whether or not he will go to the Pep Rally after school.

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Who cares really? This a just some animation. Which is sctually pretty funny. But you do yourself more wrong by labeling yourself "Goth" or "Emo".
We're just hardcore.

... *sigh*

I'm really not one for trolling, and this isn't intended to be a trollpost, but...
There is a huge (and I mean a pretty fucking big) difference between gothic and emo people.
Emo: What your video is depicting. Emo people always whine about everything, they cut themselves just for attention, and most of the time you can't tell the difference between a boy and a girl. Emo people will cut themselves off from everybody else and they despise comfortists. They have a tendency to talk about how empty their soul is and bullshit like that.

Gothic: Gothic people are actually just like normal people. The only major difference is that they like wearing black, getting piercings, and wearing crazy hairstyles. So, technically, "goth" is simply a fashion that people that like to feel different wear. They do, however, dislike comfortists, but they don't hold major grudges against them like emo people do. Of course, unless you're gothic (which I am), then you wouldn't understand.

All in all, this is just some major stereotyping, and you're getting it all wrong. If there's one thing I hate more than stereotyping, it's when people mix up "gothic" and "emo". Like I said earlier in the post, I'm not one for trolling, but I found this a pretty good time to let you people be a bit more aware of the differences.

nice man

just the animation, I understand that you did years ago but still...
also NamiHADOKEN tell me everything about being goth, i mean all i have to go on are really this and south park, I mean i absolutly hate anyone who cheery and all that shit, I prefer the colour black but my mother don't buy them often for so i have to wait forever to get some cash, also 9 out of ten bands i love a gothic metal, the 1 simply being a couple of bands, but one of them like sing about death and shit. so plese if possible tell me everything about being goth. Fuck you conformists!!!!!!!!!

she's not goth

she painted a flower LOL

it's true

we really do have goth blend powers.It comes free with your first xymox album.


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Jul 1, 2006
9:36 PM EDT
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