Goth Lyfe 1: Intro

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Welcome to the Goth Lyfe series! This is where you should begin! Sorry about the cruddy animation in the first 3 "classic" episodes...if you can make it through the first few, trust me, you'll be hooked! Ok enjoy! (These episodes are from the pre-tweening era, back when I was learning flash...)
This is the first episode of the series. The show is about Todd Todderson, the new kid that becomes friends with a group of Goths. They see if he's got what it takes to be one of them and each time Todd learns a bit more about being "Goth", he travels further into the secret world of Goths. He must also pick a side to fight on in the war between the Goth kids and the Preppy kids.
This episode is short and is only an intro, hence the title, more episodes are on the way, next up is "Art Class", enjoy.
The humour lines within the fact that the Goths in the show actually know nothing about being real Goths and they are constantly contradicting themselves.
Also, because Todd is about the most non-Goth kid ever...
If anyone is offended by what they see, I suggest watching something else.


i like it but

u need to spend more time on it cuz the graphics r crap but i like the idea.
..so i give u credit

to undeadcl0wn-4

Goths and emos are different esp. since "emo" is a dead music genre, although most real goths and emos are depressed the majority of other streotypes are wrong, so sorry if this is annoying and also (not to you now clowny) the flash has a good concept i'm not sure about though.

lovvvved it!

i really like all of them fo i myself is a goth so plz keep on making them!


lol i cant believe we call them "emo's" now!
thats so hilarious! ppl, there called goths man.
thats G>O>T>H, get it?
this movie didnt make me laugh, but guess what? you found my sweet spot:
I HATE GOTHS! you get an 8 just for that, make them funnier tho, and you'll get a 9!
p.s.:lol, why the hell does "Todd Todderson" sound so gay, lol. all of the regular ppl sound lik fags (that means cigarrete!).

Its high school all over again

Except they dont call them goth anymore, they call them emo now

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Jul 1, 2006
6:17 PM EDT
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