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A little short about Art Homework. Enjoy!
(i love animator vs animation dont make any referances)



This was cute, i like the whole idea of the "PEN & PAPER" it was abit on the sort side, but it was entertaining, you should add more adventures, maybe a few more characters in there aswell, anyways nice toon.

Make it longer with more characters.

Amusing animation, i liked it nice job.



i just have to say this: THIS FLASH IS WAY TOO MUCH LIKE ANIMATOR VS. ANIMATION!!!! The only differences that I could spot were the very choppy graphics and the lame music the background. I know that animator vs animation is a favorite of yours, but that's no reason to try to make a flash like this off of it.

bobsmovie responds:

If it was only a little bit like animator vs animation then i would be happy :D

OMFG!!!!!!!! that was sooooo good loved it!!!!

Ite dan
that wos smooth dog!!!! lol:)
loved it

bobsmovie responds:

Yeah just to make something clear... bobsmovie2 is not a multiple account of mine.. its my cousins. Its just that i set his account up round mine and gave him the name bobsmovie2. So before people start saying that i reviewed my own movie a 10.. i didnt.. it was my cousin (check the ip ng)... Oh yeah and Thanks Tom :D

nice but taken

ive seen 3 stile-like-this cartoons but this is kinda good too

oh and by the way, make the paper more realistic, its too white and smooth

bobsmovie responds:

Thanks for the advice and yes i know. Im not very proud of this movie and becuase it isnt very good or original. Im a lot better at animating since i submitted since.

Meh, Not bad

Alright, Right after i saw this, i saw a small realtion between this and Animator VS Animation, that brought style down

Graphics could use some more time, being you used the same shiettie pencil throughout.

Violence was alright, being you used the elements onscreen to do it

interactivity was uhhhh, the Play button, i guess this didnt really need it

Humor, it was funny. Maybe make it longer so i could laugh more, stick more junk into it.

In conclusion, This did bring a small relation to A vs A so it didnt seem as good.

This is a 1/2 (just average) on the gnarly scale.

bobsmovie responds:

thanks for that. I know that the graphics could use some more time but seen as this was my first flash movie i wanted to see what people think. Sorry about its unoriginality... il try and be more original next time :)

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Jul 1, 2006
4:37 PM EDT
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