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Dailytoon #201

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edit: Oh yes, this marks the start of Season 3. Send your cartoons to dtseason3[at]gmail.com. We accept all cartoons.

This is the long awaited Jerry's Quest For Gold film as advertised in Dailytoon #200! This is a very large collaboration involving Zekeyspaceylizard, rtil, Aerdail, f00d, Astropuff, Starberry, Jetninjin, Powerranger_Yellow, and myself. The audio was made by FDA, aka Shok, who is a veteran musician who runs www.te-er.com

I hope you enjoy this film, because it took us a lot of time and effort to make.

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this was funny, lots of formations and color changes all around very funny and ebetertaining, abit wacky and random but thats what makes it interesting, anyways nice stuff.

I tought it was fine.

Funny and very colorfull, nice job.


random like robot chicken

what the hell?

wow starberry

finally Jerry's Quest For Gold. i remember how excited i was when this came out, oh boy. it's perfect. i love your character design, and the lip synching. your style in this movie shows me that you've come along way. you've really taken a turn for the best, your future looks bright from here on out! wooo hooo pretty much sums it up. quite hilarious, never stopped lauging the whole time. i totally felt a connection with each character, as i slowly got to bond with them throughout this epic film. a wonderful start to the third daily toon season :)

Better than the rest of ur animations but still...

It got to bored of it, so i might be a bit unfear cos there might be a super cool fight scene at the end (lol ^^ i crack myself up) and i just watched up to the part when u ran out o ideas but i liked the morphing thing at the start...


It's about time for a new DT! I come home from Argentina and there's a new SS movie! This was some great work here, guys. The animation could have used a little tune up, though. But otherwise, Congratulations on starting Daily Toons season 3!