Adrift - Episode Two

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Adrift (S1e02) - Capture


Howdy all! now, this episode isn't as long as the first, or as... good, but it is integral to the storyline. things get a little bit complicated, some because of my awful animating, and some because its supposed to be. If you have any questions please ask me, dont just blam it because you don't understand it.

As for the main characters names, they will remain unknown for a while, but we do have names picked out. and we're not just making this up as we go along, we have a whole story plotted out!


I liked the idea but too confusing

I know what you were trying to go for by the 2 years ago etc .. but it kinda cinfused me, still liked it, reminded e of Madness

(( NICE ART ))

Hmm this was interesting, it had some nice art to it, with, some interesting animation, i was not to fond of the filesize but im over it especialy with the decent art style, ill have to checkout the other one and others if there are some, anyways nice animation.

More animations.

An interesting toon with some nice art style to it.



Well i liked how you have included another, what im guessing is, main character. I am loving how you are including all these weird characters into this series i just hope that you have worked out what is going to happen as it seems pretty deep to me. I thought you voice acting was alot better this time around, i espically want to point out the court scene as that was some of your best work. Overall a good followup to the first, loving that intro btw.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

pancake0Dean responds:

yup! we've got the whole thing worked out, all these characters and the island tie in together :O
thanks for the review!

hmm 1st was better

well the sound was good exept at the beging when the monster kills all the scientist it realy didn't go with the flash.

wel i realy don't like that picture of the waves it doesn't go with the flash at all. the graphics still weren't that good they didn't have legs and stuff like that.

good but graphics are the flaw again


this was very interesting

pancake0Dean responds:

Like Hitler was

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Jun 30, 2006
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