Foamy Confession X

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Foamy confesses his heart out to you about the troubles he has faced and friends he has made. One of them is UPN, they signed a deal with foamy to keep making these. I never would have thought his popularity would rise with the masses as it has.


I thought the tenth one was bound to be something special, turns out it's eh... not the kind of special I was hoping for. :P Some kind of celebratory music video would've been the way to go, keep it going!


Not again!

I guess the realistic looking penises aren't becoming my thing, and I'd have to say I think you made an error in how you should have sped it up a bit more to make it sound like Foamy. I just watched one of those cartoons, and while I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the series (or the work of illwillpress), the animation is still more stylistic compared to say, this, and I think the humor's fine.

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I say sigh because i viewed something that i probably didnt want to see, shame on 50 cent for exposing himself, this flash was funny though just abit disturbing lol.

Less graphic material would me nice.

Funny and disturbing.


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I think you're obsessed with illwillpress

I think you like men a little too much, especially illwillpress. First you make your profile just like his, then you try to take his characters and use them in your own [crappy] cartoons (both of those things are really creepy). Then you looked up pictures of a penis to put in your cartoon. That's just wrong.

The first confession I watched was the 9th one, and it was alright. I was the deciding vote on that one, so after seeing this one I wish I would have blammed the other one.

I have never watched a cartoon by illwillpress and I have never talked to him on this site, but I know nothing about him should make someone such as yourself act this immature.

I know Foamy is a fantastic character, but you really need to end your obsession with illwillpress. If you really hate him so much, make your own series that is better than his.

At least foamy is funny and has style.

The venom and vitriol of these animations are disgusting. Hate can be funny, but there's a line and you catapulted right over it.

azrag responds:

stfu you cant kill this series

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Jun 30, 2006
3:30 AM EDT
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