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Wade 2096

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In a sinister future, Wade Fulp is plotting to create a fusion between Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin. Will he succeed?

Time to Make: 1 Week
Run Time: 30-ish Seconds


(( Funn ))

Haha this was funny, abit on the short side, and thats what tom looks like in the future hehe, anyways a decent short, could be longer and maybe you could even make a series out of this.

Make it longer, add more content, and more characters.

A funn flash of tom fulp in the future.


Great idea here but you got lazy ...

Come on man... I mean , I don't wanna discourage you nor anything but I feel you could have done so much better than this ...!

I mean , the idea was very creative but the way you went about in doing it sucked... if you had taken your time to make this into an actual movie... I am pretty sure you'd get a 3.50 something or higher...! Heck , maybe even frontpage!

Anyways, I hope that you go back and remake this into an actual full movie ...!

You obviously got the talent to do it , now you just have to be willing to do it!

Television responds:

Thanks you so much for this review. This is exactly what I needed. I'll try to do better!


So wade turns them both into some crazy creature. Very weird movie. I like movies that are placed for the future like this. Graphics were decent. Sound was decent. nice movie. Definitely was entertaining!

Meh. Not really that much animation.

Kind of like, a montage of ideas.
The alert thing was funny. Pretty funny.
And the music was good, [I hate to say. Slipknot. Haha.]
Well. Pretty good overall job.
Just add some real animation in.


cool dude
i hope this doesnt get blammed...
good selection on the song.. its one of their better ones[slipknot]

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Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2006
11:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody