Slipknot vs. Limp Bizkit

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Got bored, heard about Fred's shit talking, and made this a while back. Hope you like - VOTE!


Not the best.

I am a maggot, a juggalo, and other things, but the whole Clown with chainsaw is in way to many spoofs of Slipknot.
I'm more into Slipknot that LB, Also, if you are remaking it, make it longer, use a better flash engine, and much more violent, comeon, most of us are maggots who watch this. As JovialSpectre said, more violence. plua, to make it a little bit better, ask more seasoned NG veterians, like johnny utah, or even better Sickdeathfiend, to help with violence, shoot outs, melee violence, shit like that.

Keep trying man,

Agreeing with jovialspectre

This could have been one of the best, but instead it looks, not so great. Good idea, but lack of development in this flash is the problem. Take some more time on your next, would be rated much higher with more to it.


"omfg lb iz way bettur dan thoz faggs shitnot"...

...Just kidding. This flash was still relatively pointless, though. When I saw the title "Slipknot vs. Limp Bizkit", I expected a machete wielding Corey to come bursting into a Bizkit concert, only to be dodged by Durst who then unloads three rounds from two glocks that are suddenly deflected by Clown, etcetera, etcetera. You know, an actual fight. But this flash never met those expectations to even the lowest level: it was short, poorly drawn and too easily did Fred die. Cock slap Limp Bizkit with your maggot dick all you want, but at least give them a fighting chance. An alternate ending or two would also be a cool idea. I'm a SlipBizkit Knothead myself, so its more of a win-win situation for me. But just as a little extra incentive to watch, at least have a semi-ambiguous conclusion.

Limp bizkit

Limp bizkit is a piece of shit.

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not only was the animation not taht good (or long) it souldve been like a FULL FLEDGED FIGHT!!!!!!!!! Not one-sided like that! and both bands are awesome, it sux that they hate each other. Just like those two ppl in KoRn.

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2.98 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2000
6:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody