Nephi's Adventure

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--06/30/06 Thanks for Front Page Newgrounds!--
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Help Nephi solve problems to get into Jerusalem. Gameplay based on classic LucasArts games that used the SCUMM VM engine...it's even fully voice-acted!

Many thanks to Tom Fulp and Newgrounds for the sponsorship.


-Sure, It Was Short, But Worth It-

This was a fun little adventure game. Splitting the game up into Chapters is just fine, but you should reconsider, the length of a chapter. This wouldn't even begin to pass as a medium length adventure. Never the less it was fun.

The puzzles were on the easy side, but they did have an advantage. They were logical and fun to solve. When I got the (not spoiling it) and the (not spoiling it). I knew exactly what to do with them, and that made me feel good. Being able to use my brain to solve the puzzles. Overall, well done.

Not bad at all

A pretty good classic-style adventure game. I went to the website and got a good laugh from all the LDS stuff. Generally, I think the only thing that can be improved is the sound quality and maybe start the game off with a little simpler puzzle or give a bunch of blatantly obvious clues to begin with. The problem with most adventure games like that is you have to think like the person that wrote it and solve problems like they solve problems.

BoMToons responds:

It's strange that some people find this one really difficult and some say it was way to short and easy...the next one will be a lot harder and longer though. I agree that you have to think like the creators...which is part of the fun I think.

Three Words

YES, OH, YES!!! This game is awesome, but very very very short. Maybe a sequel, but with longer play!!!!


shows potential. hurry up and finish it :)

BoMToons responds:


great game dude

man that was a damm good game i cant wait until part 2 comes out by the way wat is part 2 going 2 be about?

BoMToons responds:

Part 2 is about what Nephi does inside the walls...it will have at least 10 locations and interweaving puzzles to solve...hopefully it'll be really really good.

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3.79 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2006
5:24 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click