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Shadow of the killer

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This is a part form the stori Im wrighting. If people end up liking it enough I might turn it into an acualy full langth animation

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(( decent start ))

this was notbad has a good start you should make more of these though, i like your style though, i hope you do make more, but next time cut the size abit mor ethough.

some size reduction and some more visuals.

Decent animation could use some graphics effects and more content.


great. some things i might suggest:

1- get a preloader
2- don't wait so long between graphic scenes. attention span needs to be aided.
3- louder voices and/or subtitles

but besdies that, it was great. if you make it into a series, it would be so cool.

Kudos sir

we want more! :D

This was interesting....just work on the girl's voice its difficult to hear. It might be a good movie this could work as intro.


Your mic is terrible. I had to stop it. It HURTS my ears with that whistle. Record either on a quieter setting, get a new mic, or get someone to Voice Act for you.

You had no preloader either and you need one. It free and on NG, no excuses.

Another issue is the fact that the beginning was very slow and boring. For a while I thought it would be just the letters because it took too long. Find a better and faster way to do that.

Just fix it. It's promising.

IeatPUSSY responds:

that was a chick doing the voice lol. was not me. it was me at the end. the who are you. the rest is a a chick


OK... it sounds like your like 10-12 yrs old but reguardless you should really improve on this because it looks like you could actually have something here. ok for here's a small list of things you should work on.
1. The audio makes a weird sound that huts my ears when you talk.
2.Animation was just a little choppy (ex.the victim of the assassin)
3.It looks like your pretty independant when it comes to projects, maybe if this takes off you can rely on some friends to help you fill those credits with some new names.

good work.

IeatPUSSY responds:

to be perfictly honist I'm 22. if you think that becasue of my spelling then I'm sorry. I am Disgraphic, a form of dislexea

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3.11 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2006
12:02 PM EDT