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Star Wars Special Edition

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Star Wars: 'Special' Edition started when script writer and voice actor Courtney Leacock came to me with the script for it. So I accepted and production started. That was two months ago and now I present to you Star Wars: 'Special' Edition!
Stephen McCarroll



It's not very funny...no wait I take it back, it'snot funny. You just sped up the story and added 'humor' to it. Eh sorry, it's just not workin' for you hun. try making something original. lso remember that things are often funnier on paper and in one's mind than when actually in the world.

Steekie05 responds:

hm, heres me thinking the general idea of a parody is to take an already made movie or story and take-the-piss, so to say.. oh well, cant win em all if u didnt like the script

Stealing is one thing

But when you steal from something great you taken it too far.

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Steekie05 responds:

meh, its a parody, get used to it


You stole a joke of the credits from the family guy movie

I cant believe this is on front page


You suck.

this is terrible.... just terrible...

this is so funny in no way at all... i can see you've watched family guy and thought to your self OMG this is funny!!! i'm gonna act like i see on family guy and all my friends laugh!! i'm really funny.. but that's not true, SERIOUSLY this is just awful i actually want to hurt you in some way... i would like to get your adress or something so i can punch you, you smegtard...

Steekie05 responds:

oh yes and I can see that you're obviously NOT a professional psychic. wanker.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2006
10:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody