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FFF: Darkside

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The FFF series has a new homepage, click the site link at left or jump to emudimension.com/fffanta

This movie does NOT have a working pre-loader.. Sorry 56k users >.<

The ending sequence with the pheonix down and the other dude still living was all because of your votes at the FFF website. so thanks for voting, and no there will not be anymore resurections.. enjoy ^^

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Sorry the reboot didn't pan out! You still alive my man!? I loved your shit.

I feel bad for not being more familiar with the series. I do really like this. That was a pretty funny way to list the audio. The music was of course great. It was good how you showed the passage of time in this. I thought this series was numbered at first?

I would love to see an update for this. You had good visuals, too. It's nice how I'm starting to feel for the characters. Well, I can at least remember their names. That was good battle too.

SplashKhat responds:

If you had watched them from the Series page (link in my profile) they are ordered from top to bottom. When I first started these, I had no idea I'd be making over a dozen of them, so I didn't number them till much later.

The game most of these characters came from was hard to play. Every spell had levels. Cure1 could be level 1. And it became stronger the more you used it. And then when you learn Cure2 it's at level 1. So you had to grind and train your characters to become good with magic.

Other then visual effects, camera, and perhaps a longer fight, The story for this chapter is solid. I wouldn't change anything there other then to make it more obvious that their spells had levels. While some were weak, they could also be very powerful.

Honestly, I liked the series, but this episode is different.
I mean... Final Fantasy II was pwned, unlike the other FFs. PWNED.
And with FFII being my favourite (not the Cecil one, the Firion one), it's kinda sad...

SplashKhat responds:

Yea, In every classic FF game, victory is usually won through teamwork. The people who complete games like the original FF with a single character are on an entirely different level, but that's getting off topic. With the FF2 cast of characters, it was their teamwork that made them formidable. However, they were not acting as an entire team. In this Chapter, Lionheart's Darkside came out and he let his team down. As Kain says, he killed them.

I know it's a bit confusing. I didn't have much experience telling stories when I wrote this. Re-thinking the series now, I would add more internal dialog going through Lionhearts head. Instead of making Celes and Kain the focus of this Chapter, Lionhearts internal struggle is something you should see. I do mean to Kickstart the series sometime to finish the final chapters. As a milestone, I'd like to revisit many of the past chapters such as this one and add in some expanded story that would tell the characters internal struggles.

Perfect build up and storytelling

I love the way you ended this one. You built up the story real nice. The progression is nearly flawless. Perfect 10.

In reality maybe a 9.6 or so but 10 suits it much better than 9. Nice work.

If I could change anything (since it's fresh on my mind I guess) is a little tweak on the ending. It would have been a bit cleaner to have paused a bit more and let a smoother transition from getting the Phoenix Down to seeing Locke. To let the mood catch more momentum. Still near flawless though. Great work! 10/10

meh... your lucky I'm neutral.

This was cool. in fact, It was VERY cool. I'm gonna reccomend this to my friends. ALL OF 'EM!