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Robotech Sentinels Part 1

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Author Comments

For more info on the film, check out:
http://robotechflash.blog .com/

This is my first flash film and my first submission at Newgrounds! This film is a remake of the Robotech: Sentinels Saga...

Set shortly after the Macross Saga of Robotech, this series will explain just what happened to our plucky heroes Rick Hunter, Max Sterling, Lisa Hayes and newcomers Vince and Jean Grant, and Jack Baker!

The first part is all about a young cadet Jack Baker and how he'll prove himself worthy of joining Admiral Hunter's Expeditionary Force.




I felt like I was watchin Robotech all over again! I liked how you were able to hand draw some things and paste images from others, and made it look so true to the series. The sounds and music was right where they needed to be. Pretty exciting, too. Nice touch with the ending. All together, a really well done flash. I can't wait for the commercial to end ;)

MedMapGuy responds:

Yeeeah!! I may postpone the part 2 to make a different flash about the aftermath of the 2nd Robotech War and the fate of the heroes of the 15th squadron!!


you made me remember when i watched the robotech series when i was young, thanks, cuz i forgot the name of this movie but i didnt forget about the planes. this was real great flash too.

Good job!!

You really did a great job. I own the movie and I can tell that you did a pretty good job on making it your own, but still following the events almost perfectly.........I hope to see more in the future.

Loved it

I mean I love robotech with all my heart. Its scary how much I love it in fact lol. Thats beside the point though, you really should make more of the series I mean I own the box set of the macross saga. It is a brillent series and when I want to remeber the good old days of waking up really early on a saturday mourning with a bowel of ceral watching robotech I can. You really should make more of it. I wished they would have continued making the sentinels series :( it would have been great to see Rick and lisa finally get married. Though in the box set they do show the wedding ,though not what comes after it. Anyways even if a few people see it, you have loyal fans waiting for your next one man. :) I know I will want to see more of it.

MedMapGuy responds:

Yes... I am beginning to see your point. Ya see... I'm a big fan of Robotech. Okay, BIIIIG fan. (The only problem why I'm not a BIIIIIIIG fan is because I don't own any of those Macross Valkyrie toy kits, or another other merchandise aside from the Wildstorm comics, four novels by Jack McKinney, and finally Robotech Art: 2. (Amazingly, the last two items were bought just this year in a local convention! I don't live in the States though)

Well anyway, I'm glad to hear from good folks such as yourselves - gives me that confidence to do another one! In fact, I'm already sketching various outfits for the Robotech Expeditionary Force - no more Southern Cross Spandex ala original Sentinels! (Sheeesh). I think I'll do a few more and HOPEFULLY I'll reach Lisa and Rick's wedding! Here's hoping! Then maybe I'll finally get to do an animated scene of the SDF3 folding to the Robotech Masters homeworld!!


I'm glad you said something about your movie in your review of mine so I could come see it. For being your first flash, this is nothing short of amazing. I don't know if you have seen my first, but its horrible! I Really like the use of painted backgrounds, and I think it gives it a very anime feel, especially because robotech was one of the last good anime with hand painted backgrounds. Now days its all crazy CG stuff. Even I am guilty of that. I can also say I am not nearly as true to the original as you are with this, and that's amendable within its own right.

I would suggest you trace moving elements into vector graphics in Flash though, that would probably look allot better, especially when the elements move. Flash doesn't Handel images very well.

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2006
4:30 AM EDT
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