Robotech Sentinels Part 1

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For more info on the film, check out:
http://robotechflash.blog .com/

This is my first flash film and my first submission at Newgrounds! This film is a remake of the Robotech: Sentinels Saga...

Set shortly after the Macross Saga of Robotech, this series will explain just what happened to our plucky heroes Rick Hunter, Max Sterling, Lisa Hayes and newcomers Vince and Jean Grant, and Jack Baker!

The first part is all about a young cadet Jack Baker and how he'll prove himself worthy of joining Admiral Hunter's Expeditionary Force.


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Not bad.

I've not seen the Sentinels movie in a long time, it really brought me back. Big fan of the entire Robotech universe and I'm glad there are fans with Flash skills willing to dedicate the time to make animations. Kudos.

Not bad

Animation, what little there actually was, looked a bit stilted and stiff. It sort of made it feel a bit more authentic than it otherwise would, as it was a practice in early Japanese animation to actually animate as little as possible, something that you've captured perfectly here. However, whereas they masked their minimal use of animation pretty well, it seemed here as if you cut corners, hoping to rely on the near-authenticity of your artwork to carry you through.

As for your artwork, it was sound. It definitely created a convincing atmosphere, though I couldn't tell whether or not you'd painted the backgrounds yourself, or nicked them from the show. The disparity between them and the rest of the artwork was pretty jarring. That's not to say that the work as a whole wasn't competant. That's not the case at all. It is, however, to say that in comparison to the backgrounds, the rest of the art has a noticeably lower quality, which could serve to keep viewers from being completely immersed into the flash.
Even so, I'm loath to dock someone points just because the clarity of the backgrounds doesn't jive with the rest of the flash. More to the point, regardless of whether or not you nicked the backgrounds, the entire presentation came together rather well, from the fonts used in the text, to the character portriats that presented the dialogue. And as it's a visually appealing piece just the same, your flash is accomplished in this area.

The sound was spot-on. There's little to complain about regarding this particular aspect of your flash. Some may consider it a shame that you didn't include voice-overs, but I'm of the mind that unless you can find some talented voice actors to help you along, you're better off not bastardising the material you're paying tribute to, by getting some douche with smoker's lung to come out of his mother's basement and do a horrible parody of some of anime's most beloved characters.

The story was alright. Not bad at all. However, your flash was brought down a few notches in this area by the dialogue, which while being true enough to the source, ultimately felt forced.
It seemed as if you ran into the same problem alot of fan-fic writers do when it comes to putting their own words into the mouths of someone else's characters. It all sort of reads like something each character would say, but ultimately isn't all that compelling.
I felt that there were only the most cursory of differences between each character's personalities made evident through the dialogue, and while I wouldn't strike points off for a lack of voice over, it is up to your dialogue to pick up the slack left in the absense of voice work. It didn't completely fail, but it does need work in order to draw the viewer in.

All-in-all, it's a decent work. It's technically sound, and features a subject matter that us geeks from way back can behind. I can see this getting good scores all across the board. Thing is though, that as far as I'm concerned, this thing needs a bit of work before it meets its potential.

Oh, and just to save you the trouble; Flash by Cyberxion: 0. And why is that? Because I'm too stupid to figure out the programs, despite the numerous tutorials out there. Even so, I know what I like, and this was merely passable. Good luck in your future flash endevours.

MedMapGuy responds:

Yeah, really did try to capture the anime cardboard feeling! Mixed results, I think they are more impressive in my latest attempt at flash, the Space Fortress Macross. I suppose you could say I was sticking far too close to the source material, and that is one of my flaws, perhaps in future installments (if there would be any) I would branch out the story a bit. I'm not that good in writing character development, but I should be able to find some pretty good writers in this site, or elsewhere. Please, do check out my blog:

http://robotechflash.blog.com /

There you will find galleries filled with handdrawn sketches I had to make and trace to better get the feel of the show (rather than drawing with the tablet from scratch).

(( Awsome detail ))

Wow this was very impressive, good detail nice graphics and intense action a great flash version to on eof the best cartoons around, anyways great animation i loved it.

Besides the size it was perfect.

Awsome flash based on a great toon, keep up the good work.


Excellent remake of this Robotech series!

Watching this really makes me wanna get back into watching all of the Robotech series again. I love what you did for this episode. I've already watch the second one since I didn't this was going on. Once again, you got skills on the whole remake. Hope to see more to come for this, keep it up!

Very nice!

__The Good__
The graphics looked good, both backgrounds and characters. The style of this Robotech flash was great! The music and sound effects both fit well into this flash. The violence was greay too, loved the action.

__The Bad__
This episode was kinda boring, nothing much happened.

__Over All__
A good flash about Robotech. Great job on this flash, keep up the good work! I'll want to check out number two.

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4.24 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2006
4:30 AM EDT
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