Mario Brothers - Part V

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*Watch all the previous episodes first*

*Update* My 2nd front page. Thanks for all the reviews and for all the support. Look forward to my future submissions.

The conclusion of the series. This version is meant specifically for NG. 12 Minutes long - 18 FPS

As far as sprite movies go, this will probably be my last. IF ever I undertake another sprite movie it will be with sprites of my own original design and creation. It's been quite an interesting experience. Thanks for all the E-mails and all the support.

Everyone enjoy!

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Why did everyone have to die? Granted, I'm not going to miss Bowser, but still.

Such great memories. I first saw this video back in 2007 when it was only a year old, now it will be 10 years next month. I cant believe it.

Still affective till this day.

I like Part V !

This was beautiful series nothing like any of the other mario sprite movies this one is unique in it's own special way. So thanks for the series

I thought this was a fantastic series. Truly epic and unforgettable. I love the meaning behind the story. The Mario Bros series is a chain reaction behind the characters if you think about it. Without the koopa troop there would be no Bowser. Without Bowser there will be no Toads. Without Toads there will be no Peach. Without Peach there would be no Luigi. Without Luigi there would be no Mario. Everyone in the Mario series pulls everything together and without each other, all would be lost. It's all of these characters all together is what makes the Mario series so legendary.

This was totally a different take on what makes it so amazing. Sure I believe we expected a happy ending and Mario saves the Princess and the Mushroom Kingdom like he always does, but we all must remind ourselves on what makes Mario special. If you think it's just Mario himself who makes the series so great, you'd be wrong because without all the other characters having a purpose, there WOULD be NO series at all. Thanks for not only delivering the message you delivered to all viewers, but also displaying how important everything is that exists in The Mushroom Kingdom that really makes the Mario series one of the best video game franchises of all time.

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4.59 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2006
12:40 AM EDT