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Heroes Of The Lost Valley

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Re-amped version out. (: Check it out in my submissions

Well, I just got my hands on this Rhapsody disc, And I just HAD to animate this song.

Basically, this is what comes to my mind whenever I hear this song. Bear in mind, that this being a musical video, the plot it has is a bit tricky to understand. Also, please vote fairly on this. ~~Blaze

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think the lack of a cohesive narrative makes me l

The animation's story was pretty odd and the animation was kinda patchy - with sparks of brilliance here and there.

I'm pretty ambivalent towards it.

The flute-laden song at the start sounds kinda like the kinda thing heard in the Brackenwood flicks.

The bg colours were atmospheric. I felt the tweened walk cycle of the first dude looked kinda odd - not really fluid enough. The simple animation of the toys though, made me chuckle.

When we zoom in on their fight, the first speech bubble seems cropped and the line at the bottom seems odd.

The fbf horse animations were brilliant and - for me - probably the highlight of the animation. Really amazing to behold.

I was hoping to see something that gave meaning to the young boy's horror (since he didn't want to see the battlefield...) like maybe you could have shown bloodied, macabre ghosts riding those horses, entrails hanging out, heads already cut off, limbs strewn on the floor...

Another wee nitpick - the way the horizon seems to have an angle in it makes it look really wierd. I think a straight horizon, some sky-looking colour and the adherence to the tradition of subtitles at the foot would have helped.

Some of your animation is great, but I think the lack of a cohesive narrative makes me like this less.


the graphics were AWESOME!!!!!!1, i loved the shading on the trees they were sick. the music you picked out was great, the type of music(and the animation itself) reminds me of brackenwood. the idea of this flash was pretty nice to.

well the whole imp thing was kinda odd what was the point in that?

amazing flash great animation

Blaze responds:


The imp thing was kinda random indeed, no point. Music video = nonsense. :P

That was some sick animation!

~The good~

Well, the first thing that I noticed, of course, was the crazy animation! Wow, as soon as I saw the animation of the trees, my jaw fell. Man, the backgrounds were unbelievable and the shading was like none other that I've seen, very original! The music was also amazing, it had a real medevil theme to it, which is what you were going for, I think. Also, you had some great sound effacts like the birds chirping and the horse screaming. Also, the narrating was done very nicely, a nice and clear voice, it was indeed.

~The bad~

The story was a little bit wierd, and I really didn't understand it. For one, the little battle with the toys and the kid didn't really make much sence to me. The narration didn't make complete sence either, I think you should've filled everyone in on the story before making this amazing animation. Still, I guess since it's what you thought when you listened to the song, it's okay. Kind of a wierd imagination, though =P

Overall, the animation is just flawless, amazing backgrounds and phenominal shading. Also, the song was pretty catchy, though the story was a little bit wierd. I hope this review was helpful!


Blaze responds:

Thanks for your review. Wheter you wanna believe it or not, the birds, horses, and even the narrator are parts of the song (where else would i get such a clean voice? )

Yeah... the... video itself is rather silly if i must say. haha.

Thanks for the compliments, and for the review again. :D


Definatly one of your better flash submissions, good graphics, animation and storyline. You're getting really good at flash. The only bad thing was that it lagged my pc pretty bad - but i'm not sure thats your fault. Anyway, great work.

[Review Request Club]

Blaze responds:

I actually think its because of the little filters i used on the background, and with the vcam it lagged.

Thank you, this is indeed by far my best animation.

That was pretty good Blaze =]

I really like this one. It was a bit lacking character quality and the walking cycle was a bit weird... But the landscape and everything was awesome. I really enjoyed watching this one. Hopefully, I can work with you in the future on a project or something because you got talent =] I hope to see more of your videos in the future.

Best Regards,

Blaze responds:

Thanks. :) Im aware of his walking, i can do good FBF cycles, but its harder when actually making them with real characters.