Foamy Confession VIII

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Foamy confesses again. His attempts to persuade you are amazine help him by buying shirts at illwillpress dot com. Foamy gives deep meaning in this episode -newyork times
Best documentry of an overrated flash creator in along time -epert and ropert


A sad confession this time around. :/ The drama didn't really fit with the big Foamy image, I feel, melodic loops or ravenously random rants are what he does best IMHO. Keep it going!


Kind of bad

I woud call this technically a bad movie, but it did have some redeeming features. It probably just helps that it's pretty short, at least compared to the other entries. It was kind of interesting to hear him talk about losing weight, as that is something he needs to. The thing is, I still can't find much effort put into this as it looks really simple to make. It does a pretty good job of working as a joke flash to make fun of someone else. This is going to be my last review before my Christmas vacation, so may I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Funny foamy flash, the vibrater was a funny scene, the loop at the end i thought could have just went ito another scene, but it was funny and amusing.


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Not Very Good At All, Sorry


I liked the background music in this flash.


It was kind of hard to hear what he was saying, first of all. The only funny part I found was when he talked about the Atkins Diet. Also, you lost the great pre-loader, and repalced with o ne that's still good, but just doesn't have the... flair... of the last one. Once again, it's just a still image of 'Foamy', and it's constantly zooming out. Sorry, but you need to try harder than this.


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It was pretty good

It was pretty good but then the end was kinda stupid.

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Jun 28, 2006
7:47 PM EDT
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