Foamy Confession VII

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Thanks for the front page Tom!

Foamy is back to confess to his many followers (or what is left of them if any at all) about the challanges he faces with his gender issues and image. He spills his blood out for you in this touching short flash.

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lmao, a different kind of dramatic. The voice acting is definately intense, the background music emotionally enforcing, the animation eh... pretty much non-existing (where's that background slie-show or rain of spotlights?) but soundwise it's not bad. Keep at it!


I just love confessions makes me feel better about myself. If your like me check this confession site out it like runs the world of confessions. i think its called ClearMyGuilt just google it and it will be the first one. people submit anonymous confessions lol


Of all the stuff in the "Foamy Confession" series, this may in fact be my favorite, not that that says much. I mean, it was nice how it was pretty short. I couldn't really understand what Foamy was trying to say even. The part of this that interested me the most was what Foamy's genitals would look like, as they seem to be different in every episode. I would really suggest working harder with voice work and animation. It's okay to make fun of a series, but this needs more to make it truly funny.


Haha i thought there was not anymore of these, hehe but anyways it made me laugh abit, foamy sure does eat alot heh, anyways this was funny, hope to see more soon.

I thought it was ok.

Big foamy, it will make you laugh.



Gosh DARNIT!!! Excuse my French, but I need to see a new FOAMY'S CONFESSION!!! Wade, PLEASE unflag 32, because my testicles are turning blue!

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2.42 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2006
6:06 PM EDT
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