how to screw up your kids

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this is a love hate kind of clip show. i do not support domestic abuse.



i wanna kid now i wanna show him this xD it will scare him though i hope he laughs

LOL entertaining

Well i wouldnt recremend this for anyone, but the animation did make me laugh, you could improve by changing the sticks to real character like characters, other then that it was entertaining.


The idea was good but need improve on graphic

Its pretty funny about the idea of screwing up the kids but you really need to improve your drawing (I'm bad at drawing too.) But don't worry, I'm sure you get better.

By the way about collab,

I check your FLA files one you send me for the collab call Mario's Revenge on your FLA name and seems like your graphic is isn't really good but I'll fix that and make it clean. My suggest about making flash that you should give the name of layer so you won't get confuse (just one click one the layer name text and it will become editable.) You did good job and hopefully, we should get a good score for our collab. Note to everybody else, I got caboos1 as my collab for Mario Random Paradies and I need 2 more collab to complete my project. If you want to join, please send me in private message and I'll give you a rule for the collab. I hope I see you around.

Brilliant in theory

Man, youve got some great ideas. Youve got a talent for writing mate. If you could either beef up your animation + drawing skills or find some other fucker to do it all for you, youve got something golden buddy!

caboos1 responds:

thx, ya i know my drawing sucks, to tell the truth i made this 3 years ago but i beefed it up and rushed it i need to work on it more

that was un bEILVABLE

i cant get over it

i want to have kids now....

i must MATE


caboos1 responds:

im glad i inspired you

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