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A guy that blows his head of with a gun.
SamBakZa Can't Touch this!

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well the animation wasnt the worst ive seen, Sambakza's is miles better and for those who don't know Sambakza is actually three different animators, the There she is series was created by only one of them hence why most think its only one person

yeah....uh no.

SamBakZa isoneofthe best. challenging his awesomeness islike challenging mahhamed ali to a boxing match.
there's no freakingway youcould be him in animation.
unless yo had super mad skillz!
although its pretty funny that you made that random dude blow his head of with a pistol.
It pales in comparison to some of SamBakZa's best flash animations.

oh and "SamBakZa Can't Touch this!" is big words for someone who's dickless XD.

Toes-as-Teeth responds:

i knew it whould be worth to write that :P i love when wussies like you get all upset :Psoooo... ever made love to a woman?....no? i kinda figured... well you late-bloomers just have to wait.. cause one day you'll just turn off your computers and turn on your boners and then just walk out the door and get rejected all over.. and then when you're 45 you finally find some damn fine pussy on a dying 80 yearold virgin..
and then it's time for you to rock someones world!
so i'll promise you.. just wait 29 years... it will be worth it...
i've to go now.. but you got my wishes..so go out side now.. and stop mastorbate to Yu-gi-oh you twat =P

WOW u got balls

u are a whore son o a biotch sayin SamBakZa cant beat this BLAMMED PEACE O SHIT! u really over did ur gay ass... U are DICKLESS!

Toes-as-Teeth responds:

Haha,some bad words you've got there.
Kinda strong language for a 14 year old who's favorite film is Harry potter...Now, go out and make some friends and stop be such a loser
bye <3 :P

(( Lol this was funny ))

Lol this was funny, but the whole scene with brain and all was interesting you should add color to all of it though.

Add more color.

Funny brain guts.


Toes-as-Teeth responds:

thx my man


you just traced over the clips and called them your own.

Toes-as-Teeth responds:

haha your soooo rigth :P

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Jun 28, 2006
8:27 AM EDT