Zelda: UO Epis:1

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I feel bad that this is so short. I still really don't care. I mean, everything is so wonderful it's hard to take any offense to anything in it! My favorite thing is the animation. I've seen a lot of animation that doesn't hold up to today and this isn't one of them! Everything is just so beautiful here.

I'm glad I can get familiar with the characters. I'm not that familiar with recent Zelda mythos. I just like seeing these guys. The voice acting is beautiful as well. Everything is just gorgeous.

Honeslty really entertaining. Although a little short, I really admire the way you really gave a personality to each character. I'm probably gonna watch the rest of the episodes XD


the fainal version goes way more into detail unlike the beta but the beta will always be good in that nostalgic way of LoZ gaming and parodies it gets 5/5 since in the final version it is epic. also i always wondered if miyamoto ever saw the legend of miyamoto on this site.

a little short but other wise good