Nightmare Kingdom

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This is game has been in the making for ages, I am slow at making backgrounds. I hope you enjoy it and vote fairly!


Very nice.

It was good. I liked it. I especially loved the ambiance and the music. Even for a game with such simple graphics, it was done well.

My one complaint? Checkpoints. Considering some of the precision needed in the jumps, dying was inevitable. I died at the first "boss"... and after that, just didn't want to redo the journey there.

Still good, though. 4/5.

True Under Dog

This game was pretty damn good in my eyes. But i think others will say, "it sucked!" or "why do the graphics look so awful!" Not me. I could tell that it was all hand drawn. Good work. :) Also the difficulty. its not too hard and not too easy. Great game, in my eyes.

p.s. Iknow without a doubt that this will go down as one of the most overlooked games on NG! Though its so good.

Pretty good game

This game is really fun to me i love it honestly i think i played for like an hour and a half it is really addicting but the boss was hard too the game was great i think. Keep up the good work!

so and so

it was alright, but there was a bit too little to it. and only 3 monster types : / and the little flmae things, you should either put less of the or give the platforms for them to walk on longer, because you ahve to get hit to kill em which is stupid. also the the guy under me, to kll the boss you have to go behind him when he start s walking around. when he jumps up, his tails goes down to the floor, you hit his tail when it does to kill him. not sure how many hits, cause i died on him. anyways good job.

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Pretty Fun and Addicting

NOTE!: Will the author or any NG player tell me how to defeat the level boss? When I hit it, nothing happens. When I collide I lose so much health that it's game over. It's pretty hard to get to the boss with enough health so it's frustrating that you cant defeat him.

Good game. Kind of addicting really. Nice obstacle course. Some of the obstacles are challenging but not to the point of being really annoying. Graphics are just average but still cool for what it is. Sound is good.

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Snapester responds:

After he does the jump thing, he will stand still for a few seconds. When he is still you hit his tail :]

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3.83 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2006
4:39 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other