Apartment 51 - Short #2

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Apartment 51 - Short #2

The roommates go to a sneak preview of Superman Returns.

Enjoy the pointlessness - and WATCH THE SERIES.


Nice flash

It's not common to see good humour these days, and it's nice for once to watch something simple and clever. Your jokes aren't too complicated they're not farfetched...I think your flash is down to earth it's simple and made with good heart and a clever brain. It's authentic and that makes it funny and of quality.

Good Job

These short episodes cant compare to the awesomeness of the actual series, but they're a cool thing you could do between episodes. Good job, I enjoyed it, especially the SUperman/Flash thing.



The style was really cool, you made some cool characters there and the graphic well that was also very much my style. Liked it all but to get a 10 on sound there should have been somekind of music in the intro of the flashmovie, and when I first saw the Apartment 51 about superman I first thought it was gonna be longer and actually have a story, but hey man, as I said, I really like your style and graphic so therefor the high grades.

Good Humor to be honest.

Superman the movie and the evil alien dress like wonderwomen and he felt like an idiot. i say evil because i don't know if he was good or bad.

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Thanks for the Call.

And by call I mean this was a movie that could fit on my cell phone. It was put together well, but smells like a powerpoint projection. But as a powerpoint projection its OK!

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3.68 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2006
1:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Original