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2 years of animation

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Allmost every frame of this movie is from some project i've abbadoned, that you guys never would have seen if i hadnt done this movie.

Flashplayer 8 is a must.

------>> !MUSIC: CARPARK NORTH - HUMAN! <<------

Thanks for front page!


awsome dude

great work man. the clips were top notch. the clip with the guy screaming and the kid running up the stairs, and also the one with the camera moving threw the buildings had very nice movement to them. they could be developed more to be something special. the music went great with it aswell(i had to watch it twice just to listen to it again lol). hope to see some more in the future.

Random but Really Good

Dunno why you abandonned those, some looked really good. Anyways, at least they have done some good. The song was great and went well with the flash.

Some very impressive graphics in there.

The humour is from...predator doing alien doggy style? That was comedy. Heh XD


Now just put that tallent to work on a project.

Just curious, is there significance to the old man walking animation? Is he somebody?

LaserKarl responds:

Thanks! And no hes not meant to look like anyone :)


i was very impressed...this was the best submission i have seen in a long time. please please PLEASE keep making them, i'm looking forward to it ;)

I like it!

Nice collection. This made me want to see more of you're work. But I didn't like that alien getting raped doesn't belong in this collection.

Graphics: Great! What's left to say
Style: I really like you're style
Sound: Great choice of music and great timeing
Voilence: Does it need any?
Interactivity: I only saw a "GO" button
Humor: This isn't funny, It's serious. Though some pieces made me smile
Overall: All the animation I like, packed in one nice music video.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2006
5:14 PM EDT