Jack French #2

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Blondes make the best victims. They're like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints. -Alfred Hitchcock

A blonde is the alleged killer this time... and a talented physician, the victim.
Play the part of Jack, the detective, in this point-and-click adventure game.

Can you find the two Easter eggs hidden in the game? Find them both and brag about it to your friends!

Thanks to the talented contributors:
Audio by Techno_7 and Johnnybdesign
Voice actors: Dusk, Rockmonix, Kagome, Omahdon, Lucien Dodge, JohnPaterson, Azure (the original Elizabeth), Aimi and of course Ciy Fox... I am grateful!




ive got a i.d card,a wig,a card with elizibeth on it,two foot prints and a circle.i need more wittnesses and clues.

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God WTF... This is what happens when a good idea goes to an incompetent individual... Were your voice actors stroke victims or were you trying to see how terrible you could make it before someone said something? Mrs. Ferre couldn't even pronounce Jose, the janitor was speaking like it was a slow motion sceen from 300... Then ontop of terrible voicing came thenumerous flaws. I had to keep restarting just to get the door to open in the hallway, had to keep restarting to get the crash sceen to go, had to keep restarting to get the secretary to show up... Just crappy work. Such a waste of a good game idea.


Loved the game, but I wanted to see the rest of the slideshow :( It wasn't boring!

A little boring

this is a murder crime so why does everybody sounds like cool like nothing happen? anyway the story is cool and the animation well it needs a little improvement but over all nice game.


You do really need to work on your voice acting. Mrs. Ferre couldn't even pronounce Jose, and all the other characters just had no emotion.

And it would also be helpful to actually spell the words correctly corresponding with the script. The storyline needed to be developed more. It's a good series but you need to actually put some effort into what you're doing.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2006
3:59 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click