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Star Wars: Old Wounds

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-Based on "Old Wounds", by Aaron McBride.

-Owen Lars and 3 year old Luke Skywalker are watching a marvelous sunset when suddenly a strange visitor arrives looking for someone... or something... revenge?.. why?.. from who?.. Find out why someone who tries to protect a future leader of the rebellion may turn into a real threat.


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0/10 Obi-Wan was holding the wrong lightsaber

One of the first flashes I saw and brings back some huge nostalgic feels

Yes, this is a wonderful fanfic! Well, I guess it's based on something else. That could be considered a fanfic in itself. I really do love this story. It gives closure on what happened to Watto. I mean, I just assume all the prequel characters died, right?

The animation is wonderful. I am aware of a lot of Expanded Universe material. "The Force Awakens" seems to ignore them all. Then again, THIS could still be canon. I was disappointed Darth Maul didn't appear in the new movie, he had so much potential!

It's great but Owen needs more emotion.

that was epic no thought and based on the comic